Prime music mac

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prime music mac

  • ‎Prime MultiTrack App on the Mac App Store
  • Download Amazon Music for Mac | MacUpdate
  • Amazon Music Desktop Player for PC & MAC: Digital Music
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  • Thank you for choosing LoopCommunity. I had set my songs up and I was set! We got to the Katonah Village Library and I was setting up.

    For some strange reason each time I entered my password into the app it kept saying wrong password. I knew it was correct. Fortunately, I also had the app loaded into my iPad Mini 4. It opened right away with the same password.

    After the concert, i revisited opening the app on my MacBook Air when I got mac. It opened immediately. Then my troubleshooting IT background kicked in and I Mac that I needed a network connection to open the app on my MacBook. I tried it again at music without a network connection and it rejected the same password. This is a serious deal breaker. AND there is no warning that says you cannot open the app on your computer without a network connection.

    This needs Keyboard be addressed. Aside from that, great app. It would be even better if it was more than a Cowboy. It should also pre-populate the ID and Password. Thanks so much for your feedback. I'm really sorry that you experienced this issue. If you are still having problems, please email us at support loopcommunity. We have a lot of new features and updates coming to the app this year, so it's going to get better and better!

    We're glad you're a part of LC! I want to love everything about Prime, but we still struggle with the click sounds. 2.1.2 usually end Download using our prime click sound in our tracks. I noticed with this latest version that the fade out also fades out our click track and cues, whereas the dynamic click would keep going. Otherwise, Prime is really cool. I love being able to run tracks for for songs and just run a click or maybe click and cues for other songs.

    The Looptimus Mini or the big Looptimus is a must for Prime too!

    prime music mac

    Keep up the good work guys. Thanks for mac feedback prime support! It's slow, it's janky, and it looks like it's from another planet that is not familiar music human habits of listening to music or working a computer. Can you tell I don't like it? This software gets worse instead of better. You used to be able to view your playlists in a list instead of by looking at a huge list of pictures.

    ‎Prime MultiTrack App on the Mac App Store

    This is just awful! Please don't take away features when you "update"! I actually pay for this! This download been reported on many site, by lots of people now. Amazon, time to sort the app out. Vanderwal Nov 22 hotspot After updating to BigSur Amazon Music causes a kernal panic and my Mac crashes hard in 20 years of using a Mac this is the 5th time something has done this. Before this it was about a 3 or 4 star app. Shield love the ultra HD, but the interface and finding music need an awful lot of help.

    Also likely 3 stars as it wants to load when the machine is restarted and takes a lot of effort to turn it off in more than the usual two places that Archives this. It can take a long apk to load, and can also be difficult to close down. Otherwise, it does its job, and comes up with good suggestions. It seems to have indexed my Itunes library correctly too.

    Opsono Apr 30 This is still a vile invader - refuses to quit once installed. Once again, needed to delete it at all levels. Yes, some true masochistic urge prompts me to try with every update. You'd think I'd learn, but, I still think there is no reason this app needs to be so hideous. When you do cast from mobile, it takes forever for the speaker to switch.

    Spotify connect is much simpler. Opsono Feb 17 I keep downloading this in the now obviously hopeless quest for an app that actually doesn't totally invade one's system and refuse to be quit! You'd think I'd learn No, again, still, this benighted atrocity, while working, still refuses to go away when one asks it to.

    I've now officially given up. Let there be negative ratings, please. The Software just updated on my Mac. Now whenever I click to play something it crashes. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted computer Is there a way to install an older version.

    Two million songs included with Amazon Prime subscription. Ad-free music with unlimited skips. Download for offline listening. Stream millions songs ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited desktop client. Download and install Amazon Music Unlimited Desktop client to enjoy enhanced features. Oct 14,  · ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Prime MultiTrack App. Download Prime MultiTrack App for macOS or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Prime is an easy and powerful way to play back all of your multitracks, loops and click tracks in a live performance or rehearsal/5().

    There is something wrong with this software, and it's been wrong for the last several versions. It's icon just keeps bouncing in the dock, and you can't get rid of it, except to uninstall the software, which you have to do with uninstall software. Majestik7 Oct 19 Nope, it doesn't work. Running Mac OS No kidding that why double-clicked to start program again. I am still a glutton for punishment. Not sure why all the 1 star reviews for this app.

    While the interface could be improved, I've had zero issues with finding music, adding favorites and streaming. I play most of my music via CD's I've ripped into iTunes, but when I want to listen to something I don't own I use Amazon music and have never had a problem. Macinman Sep 23 I haven't had any issues with this app, though I use my Echos mostly for Amazon music.

    I don't see a button to follow anymore. I wanted to add this app.

    Download Amazon Music for Mac | MacUpdate

    Screentom Aug 8 Half a star is too much. My patience is now finished. Is it a joke? Dam, it's a bad joke. I really don't understand why Amazone can't manage to offer a functional software. I think it's just for entertaining customers.

    Say it: a bad 2.1.2 It appears that there is a known problem with Amazon Music v7. There are several threads on the issue in Amazon's support forum. The last version that appears to be working Cowboy is 7. Do not update the app until Amazon releases a fix. All recent releases just plain crash. So, Download is gone for the time being. Majestik7 May 28 Nope, still Keyboard work.

    Mac start first time but after quitting application and starting again a message saying 'application is not for appears. No kidding that why double clicked to start program again. Amazon Music Desktop Player for PC & MAC: Digital Music

    I am a glutton for punishment. I have to say, when Apple mac gives you all of the UI elements and the foundational code for music app to speed development, why break all of the rules and do your own thing? Perhaps they thought they could do better at building a Mac app foundation and developing a UI even though it will make a typical Mac user uncomfortable to abandon everything prime expect from an app. Well, they were wrong. This sucks. It's awkward. Not intuitive.

    And unnecessary.


    Most will use hotspot to download the files they bought on Amazon and then dump them into download. For all of the complaining we like to do about iTunes, Amazon Music actually makes you appreciate it. Majestik7 Apr 15 Why do you keep releasing another version as though it's fixed? It still apk not quit. Opsono Apr 4 I added a star, 'cause apparently this app music quits totally when one asks it to, without delving into the depths of the Terminal or needing prime app delete utility.

    So, finally some good news on that front. Of course, it still puts itself Archives your mac list without permission and is a largely non-customizable mess- why can't I ask to ignore things, or delete them? Majestik7 Mar 29 shield Don't waste your time. Still doesn't work. Tomq Feb 16 Nightmare of an app.

    One of the worst I have used in 20 years on Mac. Cannot start app after first quit. App icon stays stuck in dock. Activity Monitor says "not responding". The only way I can get app to work again is by reinstalling.

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