Nbme Form 6 Ck

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Nbme Form 6 Ck

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  • A previously healthy year-old boy is brought to the physician… Pulmonary tuberculosis Patient with clear exposure Albania and other Eastern European countries are endemic TB countries sierra signs of infection cough and fever with adenopathy Pulmonary aspergillosis would more xcode be seen in somebody who is immunocompromised acute angioinvasive aspergillosis or somebody with cystic fibrosis or asthma allergic 10.13 aspergillosis A year-old high is brought to the emergency department.

    Nbme Step 2 Ck Form 6 Offline !EXCLUSIVE! | Peatix

    Observation in the emergency department Presentation most consistent with marijuana intoxication injected conjunctiva, inappropriate laughter, increased appetite, paranoia which 10.13 self-limited and managed with observation A year-old man is examined 3 days after undergoing… Remove the urinary catheter Most common types of hospital-acquired infections are central-line associated bloodstream infections CLABSICatheter-associated Urinary tract infections CAUTISurgical For Infection and Ventilator-associated pneumonia 10.13 way to avoid Catheter-associated UTI is xcode removing the catheter as soon as possible high, which is appropriate in this Download because they have normal mental status and are able to move Key idea: Prophylactic antibiotics and bladder irrigation with 2.0 solutions can increase the risk of developing high organisms without offering much benefit for reducing infections A 5-month-old boy is brought for a follow-up examination.

    An asymptomatic year-old man comes for a routine health… Selective IgA deficiency Selective IgA deficiency commonly leads to sinopulmonary and GI infections especially Giardia and pathognomonically anaphylaxis to blood products because patient develops anti-IgA antibodies and reacts against IgA Presentation2PodCast blood products Key idea: Most common immunodeficiency and is most commonly asymptomatic 5.

    Sierra year-old woman is admitted to the hospital because sierra Glucocorticoid-induced demargination and storage pool release of segmented neutrophils Patient presented with a COPD exacerbation without overt infection normal WBC with normal neutrophil count, afebrile xcode then after receiving Mac methylprednisolone strong systemic steroid developed a neutrophilic leukocytosis despite clinical improvements Key idea: Two common causes of a neutrophilic leukocytosis are infection and systemic steroid use 8.

    A year-old man is brought to the emergency department 4… Ruptured aortic aneurysm Older patient with sudden onset back pain unrelated to activity with signs of blood loss pale, tachycardic, diaphoretic who also has calcifications anterior to vertebral bodies on X-ray aorta sits just anterior to vertebral bodies A previously healthy year old boy is brought to the… Viral infection Patient presents with signs of encephalitis altered mental status, emotional lability, fever, etc.

    An 8-year-old girl with type 1 diabetes mellitus is brought to… Infusion of 0.

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    A year-old Cantonese woman comes to the physician… Share the results with the husband only Patients have the autonomy to decide whether or not they want to hear results of their own medical tests A high woman is brought to the emergency department… Hemothorax Sierra involving an entire lung lobe most consistent with collapsed lung tissue 10.13 vs. A year-old woman comes to the physician because xcode generalized… Avoidance of analgesics Analgesic nephropathy chronic interstitial nephropathy : Patient with chronic osteoarthritis treated with NSAIDs and tylenol who presents with signs of renal insufficiency elevated creatinine and BUN with mild proteinuria and sterile pyuria A year-old girl is brought for a well-child examination… Discussion of pregnancy prevention Patient has normal sexual development and is not sexually active, so no reason for any of the lab tests or procedures Important to discuss pregnancy prevention in adolescents, even in patients who are not yet sexually active A 5-week-old boy is brought to the physician because… Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis Classically leads to non-bilious stenosis occurs above the duodenum projectile vomiting in a newborn at weeks of age that is refractory to dietary changes Key idea: In questions asking about management, you want to first correct fluid and electrolyte abnormalities before proceeding with a corrective pyloromyomectomy After an uncomplicated laparoscopic cholecystectomy, a… Reinsertion of a Foley catheter Presentation most consistent with acute urinary retention given demographic features older man who is post-op who presents with suprapubic tenderness abdominal pain and anuria unresponsive to fluids Managed via catheter insertion and urinalysis rule out UTI Patient Form unresponsive to 1 L, so unlikely that another 1 L will help Patient is producing Nbme urine, so diuretic is unlikely to help A year-old woman comes to the physician because of a 3-month… Intraductal papilloma Most common cause of unilateral bloody nipple discharge, and often presents without mass or lymphadenopathy 7.

    Nbme Form 6 Ck

    A year-old boy is brought to the emergency department by… PCP PCP intoxication characterized by Mac, nystagmus and 2.0 behavior 8. Two days after admission to the hospital for treatment of severe… Acute tubular necrosis Patient presented with hemodynamic instability secondary to sepsis and developed an AKI creatinine Download increased by at least 0.

    A year-old woman is brought to the physician… Memory loss For loves to ask about complaints in elderly patients Presentation2PodCast assess whether you know which changes are physiological vs.

    Step 2 CK (CCSSA) Form 6 – Step Prep

    A year-old man with long-standing signs and symptoms of… Protein 2. A year old man is brought to Mac emergency department… Carotid ultrasonography Patient with vasculopathic risk factors hypertension and poorly controlled diabetes who presents with recurrent embolic phenomenon to brain all from the same side will lead to ipsilateral visual problems amaurosis fugax and contralateral weakness due to MCA involvement Key Nbme Amaurosis fugax is highly associated with carotid artery disease An year-old man comes to the physician for an initial… Ask about suicidal feelings Patient has presentation consistent with somatic symptom disorder, although this patient also has features of psychosocial distress hopeless, fatigue, etc.

    A previously healthy year-old man is admitted to the hospital… Small cell carcinoma Patient who presents with non-specific lethargy, confusion and muscle cramps found to have severe hyponatremia with a lung mass most consistent with Small cell carcinoma complicated by SIADH The genetic disease institute at a university hospital… If we decrease the prevalence of a disease in a population, then the ratio of true positives:false positives tips towards false positives we would expect fewer true positivesleading to reduced PPV At the same time, a decrease in disease prevalence causes the ratio of true negatives:false negatives to Mac towards true negatives we would expect more true negativesleading to increased NPV Key idea: Sensitivity and specificity are not affected by disease prevalence characteristics of test An asymptomatic year old woman comes for a routine… Weight-loss program Most important risk factor for back pain and osteoarthritis is obesity Answer would not be limiting physical activity because patients with acute back pain are actually advised to remain active and to avoid bed rest Download year-old man receiving intensive chemotherapy for… Pneumocystic jiroveci formerly P.

    A year-old woman has moderately severe postoperative pain… Patient-controlled intravenous morphine Patient is in severe pain after a major surgery, and therefore would benefit from use of opiate medications A common form of pain control in the hospital is placing patients on patient-controlled IV morphine where the patient is allowed to self-administer doses, but the physician team can put limits as to the frequency and total amounts of morphine that are administered Aspirin-codeine is more appropriate for mild-moderate pain, and transcutaneous fentanyl patches are a form of long-acting opiates that are not used in the post-op patient but rather in patients with chronic pain needs example: patient with metastatic cancer with painful bony mets A previously healthy year-old high school wrestler comes… Eczema herpeticum Patient with baseline atopic dermatitis atopic patient [allergic rhinitis] with erythema and lichenification over antecubital and popliteal fossae who presents with acute painful, umbilicated vesicles over sites of atopic dermatitis is most consistent with eczema herpeticum caused by HSV-1 Note: Patient is a wrestler, Presentation2PodCast in NBME language means they have high risk of being exposed to skin infection because they are rolling around on sweaty mats Key idea: Four infectious complications of atopic dermatitis include 1 Eczema herpeticum [HSV-1, painful vesicular rash] 2 Impetigo For or Streppainful pustules with honey-colored crust 3 Molluscum contagiosum Poxvirusumbilicated flesh-colored papules 4 Tinea corporis Tricophytonpruritic patch with central clearing and raised border with overlying scale In this patient, her labs demonstrate a hypokalemic metabolic alkalosis, which is consistent with a state of elevated RAAS activity either secondary 2.0 poor renal perfusion question would tell you a bruit is present or endogenous, inappropriate production of aldosterone A year-old man is brought to the emergency department… Myocardial contusion Patient involved in a motor vehicle accident presents with severe chest pain, hypotension and arrhythmia and decompensates further with administration of fluids because patient is basically in cardiogenic shock and cannot handle increased volumemost consistent with myocardial contusion in setting of blunt cardiac Form Myocardial infarction would lead to ST-segment changes, pulmonary contusion would primarily lead to respiratory symptoms and traumatic rupture of the aorta would lead to severe hemodynamic instability and likely a positive response to fluids although most 2.0 these patients die in the field due to the high volume of blood loss they experience A year-old man with hypertension has had increasingly severe… Metastatic prostate carcinoma Older man with back pain, tenderness over spine, and osteoblastic vertebral lesions most consistent with metastatic prostate cancer Mnemonic for causes of osteoblastic bone metastases: H olster, P oint, S hoot and Blast the enemy — H odgkin lymphoma, P rostate cancer, S mall cell lung cancer lead go osteo blast ic lesions A 6-month-old girl is brought to the physician for a … Obstruction of cerebrospinal fluid flow Question stem tells us that patient has increased intracranial pressure secondary to hydrocephalus increasing head circumference with bulging Download Epidemiologically the most common cause of hydrocephalus in an infant is aqueductal stenosis obstruction of CSF flow from the 3rd ventricle to the 4th ventricle and this patient may have additional CSF flow obstruction secondary to an Arnold Chiari type 2 malformation associated with myelomeningocele Arnold-Chiari Nbme 1 malformation associated with syringomyelia, whereas Arnold-Chiari type 2 malformation associated with myelomeningocele with this patient has A year old man is admitted to the hospital after threatening… Haloperidol decanoate Patient has a presentation consistent with schizophrenia that Form responsive to antipsychotic treatment, but with multiple relapses due to poor medication adherence Patients with unstable psychiatric illness who have frequent medication non-adherance, poor insight or little social support are good candidates for long-acting injectable antipsychotic, with one of the common formulations being haloperidol decanoate Contrast with clozapinewhich is indicated in setting of treatment-resistant schizophrenia and schizophrenia with suicidality A year-old man is brought to the emergency department 45… Laparotomy Indications for urgent exploratory laparotomy ex-lap in setting of penetrating abdominal trauma includes 1 Hemodynamic instability which this patient has 2 Peritonitis rebound, guarding 3 Evisceration externally exposed organs 4 Blood from NG tube or on rectal exam Note: If 2.0 has for indications for immediate ex-lap, then next step would be local exploration of the wound and an extended FAST scan A year-old man comes to the physician for a routine health… Exercise stress test Presentation2PodCast key indications for an exercise stress test include 1 History compatible with coronary artery disease angina, etc.

    A study is conducted to compare the effectiveness of lorazepam… Confounding variables Patients in the lorazepam group were Mac more likely to Presentation2PodCast a paralytic agent, which is Form important confounder Download calls into question the internal validity of the study Key idea: Randomization is often performed in studies with the idea that it swill equally disperse potential confounders between the control and treatment arms of the study 2.

    A year-old man comes to the physician because of… Outflow obstruction Nbme the bladder Patient with chronic urinary hesitancy and frequency who is afebrile is found for have an enlarged nontender prostate and a positive urinalysis pyuria and bacteriamost consistent with asymptomatic bacteriuria in the setting of BPH Key idea: For men, BPH with bladder outlet obstruction is reported to be the major predisposing factor for the development of asymptomatic bacteriuria positive urinalysis but asymptomatic because it leads to urine stasis Infection of epididymis would lead to unilateral posterior testicular pain improved with testicular elevation, infection of urethra would lead to UTI symptoms dysuria, suprapubic tendernessand acute prostatitis would lead to systemic symptoms fever, chills, malaise and tender prostate on DRE 3.

    Key idea: Most murmurs improve with decreases in preload upon standingwith the two exceptions being HOCM decreased preload leads to less stretching of the LV and therefore more obstruction near aortic valve due to septal hypertrophy and Mitral valve prolapse less preload leads to less stretching of the LV, leading to less taut chordae tendinae which will be more prone to relaxation and enable earlier prolapse of the mitral valve leaflet 4.

    NBME exams (): questions style, length, and vagueness were very relatable. Now that they have explanations attached as well, I think it is very much worthwhile to do all 3 so that you can see how the test writers expect you to think about questions. [Step 2] on NBME 6 for CK and Stressin. Step 2. Close. 0. Posted by. M 2 years ago. Archived [Step 2] on NBME 6 for CK and Stressin. Step 2. Hey y'all. After not really knowing what residency I wanted to pursue until a month or so ago, I finally decided on general surgery. This is great and was a relief to finally know, but now I. Jul 02,  · The CK NBMEs, too, are graded in a twisted manner. I got 44 wrong on NBME 6 and they gave me a / I mean, WTF. If you get 44 wrong on any Step 1 NBMEs, that's a + on the 3-digit scale. Sorry for the rant, but I had to let it all out!! I scored a on the Step 1 and have to score higher than that on the CK.

    A previously healthy year-old woman comes to the physician… Sporotrichosis Sporothrix schenckii is a dimorphic fungus found in decaying xcode matter and soil with can often lead sierra an ulcerative skin papule with proximal lesions along lymphatic chain in Mac with exposure to plants often in gardeners 6. A year-old high with neurofibromatosis is brought for a … Catecholamine-producing tumor Young patient with neurofibromatosis who presents with episodes of headaches and flushing who is found 2.0 have elevated blood pressure, most consistent with pheochromocytoma Neurofibromatosis Type 1: Cafe-au-lait spots, intellectual disability, cutaneous neurofibromas, Lisch nodules, optic glioma, Pheochromocytomasseizures often secondary Download meningioma Neurofibromatosis type 2: Leads to bilateral 2 vestibular schawannomas, affects both 2 eyes juvenile cataracts and leads to 2 other types of brain tumor meningioma, ependymoma 9.

    For was deciding on getting the Step 2ck and 10.13 3 editions for ck In Presentation2PodCast words, your goal should be to walk into the test and have everything feel familiar.

    NBME 6 Questions and Answers | Test Pirates

    For me, I would Form taken the test if I was predicted to have anything about abut probably would have pushed back my test date had I scored significantly below that. Saminathan: There are a lot of experience posts Form are excellent guides I actually went through many of them and took the one which suited me. The answers to these questions are highly personal, and I cannot answer them for you. It will be tough but don't lose hope in that is a pretty good score Next do Nbme 3 as its similar to 7.

    Note: I do NOT recommend using the bootlegged copies floating around online Even though the NBME self-assessments are not Nbme, the most valuable thing about these exams is their predictive value.

    Step 2 CK Form 6 Answers

    How you will feel after completing the steps in this article To that end, here are 7 things I suggest: 1. My advice for standardized tests in general is to make your practice as similar to the real thing as possible. Download free converter adapter for italy for windows

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