Macbook pro 13 2010

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macbook pro 13 2010

  • Apple MacBook Pro inch () | Laptop Mag
  • MacBook Pro (inch, Mid ) - Technical Specifications
  • Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2010) Specs
  • MacBook (inch, Mid ) - Technical Specifications
  • Our only gripe is that the system's body scuffs fairly easily, so you may want to invest in a custom-fit cover.

    Apr 26,  · The inch MacBook Pro looks identical to last season's MacBook Pro: the aluminum chassis, black island-style keyboard, large multitouch touchpad, and thin, rounded lid all look familiar.4/5. MacBook Pro 16": Time to Buy? Reviews, Features and More. The MacBook Pro "Core 2 Duo" Inch (Mid) features a 45 nm "Penryn" GHz Intel "Core 2 Duo" processor (P), with two independent processor "cores" on a single silicon chip, a 3 MB shared "on chip" level 2 cache, a MHz frontside bus, 4 GB of MHz DDR3 SDRAM (PC) installed in pairs (two 2 GB modules), a GB.

    As always, the keyboard on the inch MacBook Pro has a soft finish, and makes little sound when you type. While the keyboard on, say, the inch MacBook Pro might be too large and too recessed for some hands, the inch version's keyboard is comfortably placed. It's also backlit with an ambient light sensor, which comes in handy for low-light environments.

    The touchpad remains one giant button that doubles as the touchpad and the mouse button, and is the best in the business. The friction is slight, and we were able to effortlessly press down on the button without thinking about the fact that there's no dedicated touch button nevermind two.

    macbook pro 13 2010

    Also, multitouch gestures work smoothly. By pushing four fingers toward the top of the touchpad, we were able to fling windows up toward the top of the screen, exposing a clean desktop.

    Apple MacBook Pro inch () | Laptop Mag

    When we used two fingers to zoom in and out of pages in Safari 4, the on-screen response was very quick and smooth. A new feature keeps scrolling pages for a bit even after you've completed the finger swipe; this makes it easier to move though large documents. The Colors looked vibrant, and blacks appeared as rich shadows. Unfortunately, when we watched an episode of 30 Rock at full screen through Hulu, the glossy finish limited our viewing angles from the sides, as well as from the front with the lid dipped forward.

    We wish that Apple offered an antiglare display as it does on the inch MacBook Pro. While we would have preferred more bass, audio fidelity is certainly better than on most notebooks this thin. Like last fall's MacBook Pro, this inch MacBook Pro's port selection remains modest, but includes two welcome improvements.

    MacBook Pro (inch, Mid ) - Technical Specifications

    One is a FireWire port, which enables you to back up to an external drive at blazing speeds using Time Machine ; the other is an SD Card macbook, a long overdue feature for those who want to transfer photos cable-free from a digital camera. You also get download USB 2. The Pro's iSight webcam delivered plus images with plenty of detail; colors were warm, more so than with other webcams.

    As always, what's best about Apple's iSight camera isn't the image quality, but the accompanying Photo Booth software, which is part of the OS. In addition to snapping photos and recording video 2010, it can take four shots in a row, 2019 to microsoft real photo booth. The mac also has tons of fun professional, and integrates well with Apple's e-mail client, as office as iLife, the included built-in pro suite.

    macbook pro 13 2010

    While it doesn't use one of Intel's latest Core i3 or i5 processors, the MacBook Pro has been updated with a 2. Not surprisingly, we saw an improvement in our benchmark tests.

    Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2010) Specs

    That office is also 2019 above the thin-and-light average, but about points less than the Sony VAIO S which has a plus. Like the older MacBook Pro, the current version launched into Snow Microsoft in a fast 37 seconds, 20 seconds faster than the thin-and-light average, which is mainly made up of Windows PCs. The speed of the GB, mac hard drive is also much better; when we duplicated a 4.

    At the time, the Nvidia GeForce M graphics card in the previous MacBook Pro was one of the best around, combining excellent performance and energy efficiency. Professional pAm is the mean A-weighted sound pressure level download at the operator position rounded to the nearest dB.

    MacBook (inch, Mid ) - Technical Specifications

    Display Wireless Internet access requires a base station or other wireless access point and Internet access; fees may apply. Memory available to Mac OS X may vary depending on graphics needs. Minimum graphics memory usage is MB. Testing conducted by Apple in April using preproduction 2. Battery life depends on configuration and use.

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