10-week Check-in

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10-week Check-in

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  • Weekly Check-in 10/09/ – Sushirainbow
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  • Weekly Check-in 10/09/ – Sushirainbow

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    Feb 18,  · The week before last we had her 2 month appointment. Up from her birth weight and height of 7 lbs 5 oz and inches, Eastyn is now oz and inches. Her head circumference and weight is in the 52nd percentile but her height, as expected is the the 90th. Oct 09,  · Weekly Check-in time! I did an experiment this week on my media consumption and it was using spinner wheels to figure out randomly what to read or watch. I saw these a lot on YouTube and I thought this would be easier than doing a number generator and it was really fun to try. For some of the areas here are some of the estimates after the week period so far: Lower legs - 65% less hair Upper legs - 75% less hair Pubic Region - 25% less hair Backside - 35% less hair Back - 45% less hair Midsection - 30% less hair Chest - 35% less hair Underarms - 35% less hair.

    Notify me of new posts via email. I saw these a lot on YouTube and I thought this would be easier than doing a number generator and it was really fun to try. Anime Kono oto Tomare!

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    The Week Ahead I have to say, this experience with the spinner wheels was very successful. Share this: Twitter Facebook More Pinterest. Like this: Like Loading Published by Sushirainbow Obsessed with books, anime, 10-week, and helping others. Check-in takes a bit for me to get my entire body through this is why I've just started the arms, I'm doing those at a different cycle - I typically shave everything, get a nice shower, then use the IPL all over so it's a bit of a process - using the device is actually really quick sometimes it need an Check-in half a second than normal but it's generally quicknot much it could do to be faster It's exceedingly simple to use, I just hold the button in and 'glide' most of the time over the areas.

    Now, as to the rating - I may update later as treatment goes on, but I'm going to continue to use it in hopes that I see even further reduced hair growth or, fingers crossed, removal. 10-week not an instant cure-all, the first few weeks I saw almost no real changes. Once it got to the week period of using it once a week there started to be a change, noticing less hair and some of the hair albeit somewhat patchy was less coarse.

    It seems to be a linear change, every couple weeks there being a bit less and less and less in most areas which is why I'm going to continue to use it! Ultimately I just want to get to the point where I don't have to shave all the time and just treat areas as needed! Showing 0 comments. Usually she gets drowsy enough to transfer her to the snoo. As far as naps go, they vary. Her morning nap is usually an hour long and 10-week usually get another good one, hours long.

    The others will sometimes only be minutes. A big thing we are doing is having her take at least 1 true crib nap a day. One, to allow her to get used to the space, and two for practice sleeping without the constant motion provided by the snoo. We keep Check-in space very dark and bring in her Hatch white noise machine in.

    10-week Check-in

    She no longer naps in the living room like she did as a newborn. All of the methods for naps and sleep we learned in the Taking Cara Babies Newborn class. Cara is amazing! Breastfeeding looks a bit different than it did as a newborn not good or bad, just different. I remember when she would nurse for 45 minutes! Now, she will be done in minutes.

    Mid-Week Check In: 10 Mindful Questions to Ask Yourself - Balance Through Simplicity

    However she is much Check-in distracted and often looking around instead of super focused. Sometimes she is full from one side, which my body has adjusted okay to. My lactation consultant said to start with one side — that is the appetizer and entree, burp, and offer the other side for dessert.

    I love that analogy! In addition to breastfeeding I have also been pumping times a day to gather a stockpile of milk. Typically right away in the morning and around pm before I go to bed to empty out before going that long night stretch. Tbh, pumping kind of sucks. It just feels like wasted time. I hope that I can have a more positive outlook on it soon as I will have to get used to doing it more frequently.

    Eastyn is now through Leap 2 according to The Wonder Weeks and is so pleasant during the day. She likes to be held and walked around with but is also very content in her Nuna chair, boppy lounger or on her Lovevery play mat. She does well with independent playtime allowing Greg and I to tackle a task if needed. Her favorite 10-week are by far this spiny rattle and any cushion wrinkly book — like this adorable unicorn one by jellycat.

    She loves bath time and being sung to too! We just propped up a blanket behind her for some support and she was super content.

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