What Accessories You Need for a Perfect Bathtub

Types of Bathtubs and Points to Consider When Buying
July 2, 2021
baby bath wash basin

It is easy to buy everything for your newborn that they could possibly ever require. However, some things are essential and some are optional. A baby bathtub or baby bath wash basin is among the items that are absolute essentials.

Some more things you may think to buy for your little world include:


There are a plethora of accessories you may buy that includes:

Toys –

You can’t resist buying toys for your baby like plastic bath ducks. However, this might not interest them or not! As your baby would grow older they would want and enjoy toys in the bath.

Bubble bath –

Again this will entice them only when they get older. A newborn requires plain water for their bath. Also, their skin doesn’t demand anything in the water. Non-slip mats for the bath are always a perfect idea if your child is used to of regular bath

Baby shampoo visors –

This is brilliant if your newborn starts to avoid washing their hair. It stops water to splash down straight into their face and their eyes when you rinse hair.

Bath seats –

These are massive for the time when your baby is grown enough for a baby bath but small for a regular bath. Your baby can sit in a bath seat with support and still have the liberty to splash about.

Bath sponges and mitts –

Mitts are best for washing your little one; however, a sponge or a flannel is all you need

Bath toiletries

This is what you need with a bottle top to toe wash concerning a small baby. All the shampoos, talc, bubble baths, are no good for their skin. Also, the baby doesn’t need them.

Baby bath towels and robes

Keep little one’s towels separate from yours. Similarly, it is amazing to have a new towel to dry them after a bath.

Foldable bag

A foldable bag from a reliable foldable bag supplier is a great way to keep all accessories in one place. It also helps you to keep them with you while you travel.


Space is an issue. Baby bathtubs are sometimes big, and your house proves to be small. It makes more sense to use a baby wash sink with a bowl while your baby is small.


NEVER leave baby unattended in the bathtub. It only takes a fraction of water and a few seconds for a terrible incident to happen. If you need to leave, take the baby with you.

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