Types of Bathtubs and Points to Consider When Buying

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January 4, 2021
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Are you looking for the best bathtub for your baby? Then continue reading as every baby bathtub supplier provides a variety of bathtubs.

In this blog post, we have discussed different bathtubs and you should consider these when purchasing.

Types of Bath Tubs:

Various types of bathtubs are:

Plastic Bath Tubs:

Standard style tubs made of plastic. These tubs are the most basic choice. Usually, they have a baby seat, non-slippery bottom, or cushioned headrest. They can also be fit in a regular bathroom sink.

A baby bath washbasin is also an ideal option for parents to bathe the baby in the sink.

Sling Bath Tubs:

Bathing with an infant alone is a hard task. You might need someone to help you. Sling bathtubs are effective for this purpose and will also keep the baby calm.

Modifiable Bath Tubs:

These bathtubs and different accessories can be used when the baby grows. It has a cushion and sling support that can be removed for more space. Toys can also be added for kids to get entertained during bath time.

Cushioned-style Bath Tubs:

These bathtubs have cushion support that comforts the baby. In these tubs, water cannot stay as they have a mesh bottom that allows water to pass. It is ideal for small spaces.

Inflatable Bath Tubs:

As compared to plastic, they are not long-lasting. They provide cushion support for the baby while bathing and have a drainage system. Also, non-slippery bottom. A significant benefit of these tubs is that they are portable, good for storage, and easy to travel in.

Foldable Bath Tubs:

These can be opened and placed in a sink filled with water. They can be folded after use and can be reused. They are good at saving space and traveling.

Also, every foldable bag supplier has made foldable bags easy to carry baby’s stuff while traveling.

Luxury-Spa Bath Tubs:

These bathtubs give wide features such as spa jets, waterfall, shower attached for rinsing, cushion support, non-slippery coating. These are operated by battery and are expensive.

Bucket Style Bath Tubs:

These are bucket-shaped with a non-slippery bottom. They also have the support of seats to handle the infant.

Things to Consider while Choosing a Bath Tub for your Baby:


Check if the bathtub is safe to use. Most bathtubs are with the support of a sling, so the baby doesn’t slip in soapy water.


The material of the tub should be strong. It should handle the baby’s weight.

Sink Compatible:

The tub should be sink compatible, so that the baby’s back remains safe from the ache.


Make sure the tub you purchase is comfortable for the baby. It contains soft pads to keep the baby comfortable.


The bathtub should have a suitable space for the baby to enjoy.


Having a drainage system will be a plus point. Otherwise, turn it to drain the water.


Buy a tub that is suitable for the age of your child.

Additional Features:

Additional features like toys, strain cups, soap, etc. Also present in many bathtubs.

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