7 Useful Tips to Buy Baby Bath Tubs

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There are several factors you need to consider when it comes to baby bath tubs. Of course, you want to make sure you buy the best product from the best baby bath tub supplier that is going to give your baby the best bathing experience.

Following are the essential aspects, every bath tub should have:

Convertible Tubs

There are several baby bath tubs available in the market now. However, if you are searching for a bath tub and baby bath wash basin for toddler years, then look for the convertible ones. Convertible tubs enable you to sling your new baby clothes during the bath. The sling is removable to cover the aging of your baby.

Hard Plastic

You also need to ensure that your bath tub is hard plastic. The baby bath tubs made up of hard plastic are easy to clean. They are mildew resistant as well. A majority of them are available with suction cups on the bottom, so anyone can hold them in place to eliminate the risk of sliding.

Foldable Bath Tub

There are those which are also foldable. If you are limited on space or you travel as a family regularly, you may find these baby bath tubs the most convenient, providing you with an easy solution. Once the tub is drained, it folds into an easily portable tub that you can store away with ease or you can take with you with confidence.

Inflatable Designs

Bath tubs with inflatable designs are the best. These are perfect for travel, as you can remove the water and deflate them completely. If you are very limited on space and you feel that even the foldable design will be too big, then this may be the option you are looking for. Just remember when buying inflatable baby bath tubs, that they will need extra cleaning in the long run, as they are not as easy to clean as the harder plastic models.

Changing Plug

Some are made with color-changing plug, which can be a helpful tool for new parents. The plug will change color if the water is too hot, this will help you make sure that you don’t make the bath too hot for your new baby. Some even come with a most fill line, helping you know how full to make the bath to bathe your baby with ease each and every day.

Smooth Rim

Ensure the baby bath tub you choose has a smooth rim. The smooth rim helps babies to bathe without injuring themselves. They also ensure you cannot injure your baby when placing them in or pulling them out of the bath.

You will also want to ensure, whether you buy a hard plastic baby bath tub or an inflatable tub that the surface is non-slippery. Once you have smothered your baby in soap, you don’t want them sliding or slipping around the bath.

Storage and Cleaning

The last factors you need to consider is to focus on the cleaning and storage of the baby bath tub. This will help you find which design is the best choice for you. The last and crucial aspect is to check you have the right size tub according to your baby’s age.

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